Date: 18th October 2000

Woody Harrelson Fights World Wide Sugar Addiction

WOODY HARRELSON's launched a war against sugar and caffeine -because the world's children are addicted to them.

The CHEERS star is actively supporting the pro-marijuana campaign, and feels people have the right to smoke hash if they have the right to feed their children sugar. He says, "The hypocrisy of this marijuana thing really upsets me. There's probably not more than a handful of people in this country who are not drug addicts. "That includes children, because children are addicted to sugar.

Sugar not only has no nutritional value, it is without question harmful. "Children are addicted to caffeine too, particularly in soda pop. These are drugs. Try to tell a kid they can't have their soda pop for a week." (SVD/HT/PDD)

Source: WENN