Date: 10th October 2000

Matt Damon Clears Up Billy Bob's Health problems

LATEST: MATT DAMON has put an end to speculation over BILLY BOB THORNTON's recent health scare - he claims he had a virus around his heart.

The Oscar-winning actor was admitted to hospital last month (SEPT00), reported to be suffering from a virus. But, as new wife ANGELINA JOLIE jetted out from England to be by his side, reports Thornton had actually suffered a heart attack or had been struck down by a bizarre "orange food only" diet, also emerged.

Now actor MATT DAMON, who has just finished starring in ALL THE PRETTY HORSES, which Thornton directed, is setting the record straight - he says Thornton was actually suffering from a virus around the heart. Damon says, "He had a virus, it was around his heart so they got him on bedrest, but he's going to be fine. (LE/WNV/RGS)

Source: WENN



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