Date: 6th October 2000

Beatles Experts Fear There Will Never Be An Official Memoir

The men behind THE BEATLES's new leading tribute projects are begging their heroes to sit down and write their post-split memoirs, but fear they never will.

MARTIN LEWIS, who has pieced together an acclaimed new BEATLES ANTHOLOGY book, and VH-1 boss BILL FLANAGAN, who is putting a TV special on the group together are convinced the existing members of the group were robbed of all privacy when they were Beatles they'll never tell all about life after the band.

Lewis feels not only will a definitive official post-FAB FOUR memoir be written, GEORGE HARRISON, SIR PAUL McCARTNEY and RINGO STARR will never work collectively again.

He says, "They owe us nothing, but they have a greater obligation to honour their own heritage. I doubt they'll ever again contribute collectively." Flanagan adds, "There will never be a final word on The Beatles.

The market keeps demanding more stuff. Selfishly, I'd like to see a book detailing their lives after 1970, but I can see why they wouldn't. "
People in that position have everything in the world except privacy."


Source: WENN



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