Date: 26th October 2000

McCartney Family Feud Deepens

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY is happy with his new love HEATHER MILLS - but his children aren't.

The ex-BEATLE and his blonde one-legged girlfriend publicly declared their love on a British TV show, with the musical legend gushing, "Yeah, I love her", as the pair kissed passionately. But the LET IT BE singer's adult children are less than happy with this state of affairs.

A friend of the family says, "They were appalled. It was so cheesy they wanted the ground to swallow them up. As if that wasn't bad enough, the whole sorry saga was splashed all over the newspapers as well."

"STELLA and her brothers and sisters want nothing more than their dad to be happy - but this TV nonsense was just way over the top as far as they were concerned. They've been trying to avoid having to meet Heather at family functions and they are concerned with how besotted he has become with her."


Source: WENN



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