Date: 29th October 2000

Heather Not A Gold Digger

SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY's prospective father-in-law has slammed vicious reports surrounding daughter HEATHER MILLS' relationship with the ex-BEATLE.

MARK MILLS finally broke his silence after allegations that Heather had "entertained" rich Arab businessmen for money and jewellery. He claims people are attempting to cash in on her high- profile romance and says she has become victimised as a result.

He says, "Heather is not materialistic. She is not the sort of person to hunt down rich men. "She doesn't splash out on anything, and has never been extravagant with money - it is just not her." He adds, "Paul is the first proper love of her life. She works in a glamorous profession and I believe her past boyfriends were more interested in her looks than anything else."

Mark, 59, is remaining tight-lipped about their future but hasn't ruled out the possibility of a wedding. He says, "
Heather's lips are sealed about possible marriage plans and she hasn't even talked to me about that. "But I think she might marry Sir Paul eventually."


Source: WENN



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