Date: 20th September 2005

Jen: I'm Ready For New Love

It's been eight months since our favourite Hollywood couple broke up and it seems both parties are now moving on.

Brad Pitt has buddied up with Angelina Jolie, and now Jennifer Aniston says she's ready to date again.

To a standing ovation, she told Oprah Winfrey she was ready to find love again.

Asked if she could let a man back into her life, Jen said 'yes'. "I love the unknown."

And she insisted babies were never behind the break-up of her five-year marriage, as reported.

"Do I want babies? Yes I do. I always have," she told Oprah in her first TV interview since the split.

Jen, 36, who's accused Brad of lacking "a sensitivity chip", also told the chat show queen she still cries occasionally.

"I shed some tears. It's sort of that living in the moment., in the now."

"All the self-help books....the truth is you sit there going, 'How do I do that?'"

"The worse thing over the past few months had been the media spotlight", she added. She and Brad were just "human beings having a human experience" - but their every move was "exposed to the world".

Jen has denied a romance with Wedding Crashers actor Vince Vaughn. The Pitts' divorce will be finalised next month.

Source: Press Release



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