Date: 23rd April 2002

Scorsese To Fulfil Lean's Dream

Hollywood director Martin Scorsese is hoping to fulfill the death-bed wish of Sir David Lean by completing his final movie.

British Doctor Zhivago (1965) helmer Lean lost a battle with cancer 11 years ago (16th April, 1991), just four weeks before filming was to commence on his adaptation of Joseph Conrad's classic novel Nostromo. Goodfellas (1990) helmer Scorsese is preparing to take over the epic three-hour flick with a star-studded cast, rumored to include Marlon Brando and Sean Penn.

Lean's widow Lady Lean says, "I think the time is right because the dust has settled. It was a difficult thing to get of the ground after his death because people thought they could not fill his shoes."

Brando has said of Robert Bolt's screenplay, "There are simply no scenarios that I have read in recent times that leave me with any enthusiasm whatsoever. The happy exception is Nostromo."

Source: WENN