Date: 1st August 2001

Julia Roberts: I Want A Baby

Newly single JULIA ROBERTS would love to become a mum - but isn't ready to get married yet. The OSCAR-winning actress, who just split from longterm boyfriend BENJAMIN BRATT, admits that she thinks a lot about having a family of her own. Roberts, 33, says,

"When you're over 30, the thought that you will have a family becomes clearer, more possible and much closer. " But, with Bratt out of the picture, Roberts admits that the person she's most in love with at the moment is herself.

She says, "For some time now I've become more and more interested in myself, where I come from and how I got to be the person I am and how I got all this success. I really believe I was born to be happy. That's my destiny. " (LE/WNTEX/PDD)

Source: WENN