Date: 15th July 2001

Sarah Thinks Nothing Of Her Looks

Actress SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR would rather be judged on acting ability than on her looks - she doesn't even think she's that attractive.

The BUFFY star, who was placed as the sexiest woman in the world by FHM magazine, claims she's not pretty. "I've never been the girl who's able to go after the cool guy at a party - and I've never felt that I'm so pretty or sexy that I can just walk into a room and have people attracted to me. "

Sarah, 24, smiles. "It's annoying, because sometimes you meet people and they think, 'Look! Another cute little blonde actress!'. That's not who I am at all - I mean, I'm re-reading all the major Greek tragedies in my spare time. "

Sarah adds, "I think of myself as smart before I would ever think of myself as beautiful. " (AW/WNSEX/KMW)

Source: WENN