Date: 16th July 2001

Macaulay's Wife Councelled By Animals

MACAULAY CULKIN's estranged wife RACHEL MINER wrapped herself up in animal rights to get over the break-up of her marriage.

The actress and the HOME ALONE (1990) star were both just 17 when they wed in 1998. They split last year (00) but remain friends.

The break-up has had one positive benefit for Miner - it has helped her to rescue and care for stray animals. The young actress, 20, shares her New York apartment with three formerly stray cats and has found homes for another 16 pets.

Best pal NATALIE PORTMAN says, "At one point I think she had 20 animals - cats, birds and reptiles. She's really happiest taking care of others. " (KL/US/ES)

Source: WENN