Date: 16th November 2000

Macaulay Culkin Rejects Dad's Offer Of Reconciliation

After years of estrangement MACAULAY CULKIN'S father and former manager KIT CULKIN is attempting to mend the rift with his son.

After the opening night of the child star's London stage debut MADAME MELVILLE, Kit sent him a congratulatory telegram. Macaulay, now 20, reveals, "It said, 'All the luck and a long and successful run. You will, as always, be wonderful. Dad,'"

Adds Macaulay, "I thought it was very funny that it's been about four years and he made contact with me just because I'm doing something, because I'm getting back to work, and that says a lot about a person." Kit reportedly played sick psychological games with his son when films like HOME ALONE made him one of the world's biggest actors, and made the actor live well below his means.

Macaulay has no interest in a reconciliation with this father and says, "I don't think he's willing to say some of the things he should say. He did some things that were wrong and he doesn't know that."


Source: WENN