Date: 1st November 2000

Batman Star Kilmer "Needs Therapy"

BATMAN director JOEL SCHUMACHER has called for wayward actor VAL KILMER to seek therapy - to resurrect his ailing movie career.

The pair had endless clashes when Kilmer took over MICHAEL KEATON's cape to make BATMAN FOREVER in 1995. And since then, Kilmer has earned himself the reputation of being "difficult" on movies such as THE SAINT and THE ISLAND OF DR MOREAU.

Schumacher says, "He was the most troubled actor I have worked with. "I think Val needs psychiatric help. But I haven't seen him in five years and in that time he has had a very bad media time. So who knows?

"But as GROUCHO MARX once said, 'If ten people tell you that you are dead then you should lie down.' Sometimes, if everyone speaks out against somebody, then maybe they will get help." (NFA/WNWCAN/MCM)

Source: WENN



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