Date: 10th July 2001

Will Julia Blab About Ben?

Actress JULIA ROBERTS will be quizzed by DAVID LETTERMAN tomorrow night (10JUL01) over her bust up with long-time love BENJAMIN BRATT.

The stunning brunette recently "mutually" split from her 4-year- love, MISS CONGENIALITY (2000) star Ben and fled to ex-husband LYLE LOVETT's abode in Nashville, Tennessee.

The end of the affair has come at a bad time for the OSCAR
winning actress, her new movie AMERICA'S SWEETHEARTS (2001) is demanding a lot of her time for promotional stints.

However tomorrow (10JUL01) all eyes will be on Letterman to see if he can coax the truth out of Julia on THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN. (ES/WNWE/KMW)

Source: WENN



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