Date: 18th September 2000

Paula Yates Killed By Lethal Cocktail

LATEST: Tormented PAULA YATES died yesterday (17SEPT00) after taking a horrifying cocktail of drink and drugs - with her four-year-old daughter HEAVENLY HIRAANI TIGER LILY in the house.

The 41-year-old ex-wife of BOOMTOWN RATS star BOB GELDOF was found dead in her Notting Hill, West London, home with an empty vodka bottle, a partly empty bottle of barbiturates - believed to be painkillers, near her body. There were also traces of heroin and cannabis on a bedside table.

It is believed that Paula choked on her own vomit. Her daughter by tragic INXS frontman MICHAEL HUTCHENCE believed her mother was asleep and tried several times to rouse her. Paula often talked of killing herself and tried to hang herself two years ago.

An officer says, "It looks as if she spent Saturday night (16SEPT00) drinking heavily, using heroin or other narcotics and then fell unconscious on her bed. "In her incapacitated state, she choked on her vomit. It was a rather squalid death."


Source: WENN



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