Date: 6th November 2000

Paula's Friend Shares Painful Memories

PAULA YATES' closest friend has revealed for the first time how she found the tragic ex-presenter dead.

In a British TV documentary, JO FAIRLEY recalls how she discovered TIGER LILY, Paula's four-year-old daughter from her affair with MICHAEL HUTCHENCE, alone in the house with her mother's body.

She says, "I called her at eight o'clock on the Sunday and Tiger answered the phone and said 'Mummy's still asleep.' I rang back at 9pm and she said, 'Mummy's still asleep.' "So I rang back at twenty past nine and I said, 'Wake mummy up, she's got to ring PIXIE to wish her a happy birthday.' She came back and said, 'Mummy's still asleep.' So I thought I'd better go round there."

Jo was let into the house by Tiger, who stood on a chair to reach the door - and she walked into Paula's bedroom to discover her friend lying dead. She recalls, "
I scooped Tiger up and I took her downstairs and I just said, 'We'd better call a doctor, as mummy's not well.'" (JE/WNTRE/NFA)

Source: WENN