Date: 12th November 2000

Grandad Wants Tiger Custody

The grandfather of orphaned TIGER LILY has joined the battle for the little girl's custody.

KEN HUTCHENCE wants the daughter of his tragic rock star son MICHAEL HUTCHENCE and PAULA YATES to stay in Britain with her half sisters and Paula's ex-husband SIR BOB GELDOF.

The retired businessman is angry at legal actions brought by his ex-wife PATRICIA GLASSOP and her daughter TINA who want to take Tiger Lily to Australia. He has vowed to win custody of the child himself, if a London court says she cannot stay in Britain.

He says, "I am devoted to my little Tiger and would love to have her here in Australia. But I agree with Bob that it is really about Tiger being with her sisters, who love her as much as she loves them. "PIXIE in particular is a great pal of Tiger's. They're inseparable. Tiger is happy and safe with Bob's fatherly role, making sure the family unit is intact. His partner, JEANNE MARINE, adores Tiger and is very motherly with her."


Source: WENN