Date: 19th June 2001

Marriage Better Than Single Life, Says Duchovny

DAVID DUCHOVNY's marriage to Téa LEONI has quashed his love of the bachelor life.

Duchovny, THE X-FILES' FOX MULDER, is still crazy about his wife, even more so since the birth of their daughter, MADELAINE WEST, two years ago (99).

"It's so different, it's so life changing", Duchovny says of parenthood, "you're not even aware how you've changed. You realise that you've opened yourself up to such heartbreak when you're responsible for this helpless being and that you could never recover if anything happened. "

He does realise, of course, that he's not alone: "Tea's a great mother - a real natural at it. But it's not as natural for men, they're in the background. I'm always in awe of Tea. I hold things while she does things. Being a father does mean dealing with your own limitations". (ACW/WNTEX/PDD)

Source: WENN