Date: 18th June 2001

Pearl Harbor Could Take Years To Make A Profit

It could be years before big-budget blockbuster PEARL HARBOR (2001) makes a profit.

The film is one of the most expensive ever made and over $100 million (71. 4 million) has been spent promoting the film around the world.

Now the LOS ANGELES TIMES newspaper reports that with the film's huge production, marketing and distribution costs, it could take years before it earns a profit.

Even then it will only do so if worldwide video, DVD, TV and other sales reach the figures that the film's producers, DISNEY, have estimated.

The film's stars KATE BECKINSALE and BEN AFFLECK decided not to take salaries for making the flick, choosing instead to receive some of the takings - but this news means they seem likely to be waiting a while for their pay cheques. (MCM/WNWCAN)

Source: WENN



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