Date: 29th May 2001

Leoni And Duchovny In Therapy For Marriage

Téa LEONI and DAVID DUCHOVNY are addicted to marriage therapy.

The DEEP IMPACT (1998) beauty admits she and her X-FILES star husband treat their visits to their counsellor as a date. Leoni says, "Our lives are scattered with chaos, so it's nice to go in and talk about it. "Sometimes we go in together. It's like a date. We go over things to make sure we're on the same page, clean up some silly issues and then we have lunch. "

Leoni adds that being apart from her man can be hard for both of them. She explains, "
We're very careful about the amount of time we spend apart. It's hard to be away but the marriage is working quite well. We realise there's a great prize and we know it deserves to be respected and not taken for granted." "(MB/B/KW)

Source: WENN