Date: 22nd May 2001

Roberts' Rules Of Fitness

Even JULIA ROBERTS is not quite perfect - the world's most adored star has to work out as hard as a normal woman to keep her famous physique in check.

The Academy Award-winning actress remains superfit with discipline - she never misses her 8 a. m. session in the gym. She says, "Working out always boosts my energy level. My greatest challenge is time. Particularly when I'm working, my schedule is so erratic that squeezing in a workout is tricky. Getting my workout done early is the best bet. "

When she's in Los Angeles, the PRETTY WOMAN (1990) sees her personal trainer, KATHY KAEHLER, for four 45-minute workouts a week. During a typical session, she jumps rope and does lunges, pushups and strength exercises.

In fact, on the very day of the Academy Awards in March (01), Kaehler says Julia wanted to make sure her arms would look good in her dress. She explains, "I knew Julia was wearing a dress that would show off her arms. So she did triceps and dips to accentuate the muscles she's been working for months. " (NFA/WNWDN)

Source: WENN