Date: 21st May 2001

Kate Beckinsale's Revenge

British babe KATE BECKINSALE is overjoyed to have hit the big time - because she can her revenge on an old school teacher. The actress, who stars in bombs-and-romance epic PEARL HARBOR (2001), cannot forgive her old high school teacher MICK FITZMAURICE - for refusing her a part in a school production.

She says, "Every time I get a part I think, 'Ha ha Mr Fitzmaurice, you ****!'" But Fitzmaurice is confused by all the attention - because he doesn't recall ever teaching her! He responds, "I didn't know her. She was never a student of mine and she never auditioned for any of the productions I put on. " But he good-heartedly adds, "Good luck to her. I hope she does very well. " (NFA/WNTMA)

Source: WENN