Date: 20th May 2001

Diaz Kicked Actors Head In

Irish actor LIAM CARNEY was knocked out by CAMERON DIAZ when they were fooling around on the set of GANGS OF NEW YORK (2001).

Liam didn't realise the CHARLIE'S ANGELS (2000) beauty is a kick-boxing expert until she accidentally gashed his head with a knock-out kick on the Rome, Italy set.

He says, "She kicked me in the head. My eye and forehead were all out. It was entirely my fault. We were just having some fun on the set. She kicked and I stepped into it and I was out of work for several days. "People asked what happened. I said I slipped in the shower or fell off a bar stool, depending on who I was talking to. But the producers eventually wrangled it out of me, that Cameron had kicked my head in. " (RXT/IOS/ES)

Source: WENN