Date: 27th March 2001

John Travolta: I Thought I'd Never Love Again

JOHN TRAVOLTA believed that he would never find love again after his first love died in his arms from cancer when he was just 23.

The Saturday Night Fever (1977) star, who met actress DIANA HYLAND on the set of TV movie THE BOY IN THE PLASTIC BUBBLE (76) was so devastated when Hyland - 18 years his senior - died on 27 March 1977 aged 41, he vowed that he'd never fall in love again.

Travolta, who is now happily married to actress KELLY PRESTON (since 91) says, "I didn't know if I wanted to be in love again. I was in shock from losing someone that I thought I might be with forever." The actor, who has two children with Preston, says she actually reminds him of his lost love. Travolta says, "There's a feeling for life and a depth that Kelly has that was very much similar to Diana." (LE/WNV/PDD)

Source: WENN