Date: 23rd March 2001

Christina Ricci's Anorexic Flash Backs

Beautiful actress CHRISTINA RICCI hated slimming down for PROZAC NATION because it reminded her of her anorexic past.

After appearing as WEDNESDAY ADDAMS in addams Family Values (1993), Christina developed into a gorgeously sexy, voluptuous 14-year-old. Studio chiefs told her to lose the pounds because audiences preferred to see "cheeks ultra hollow".

Christina remembers, "All I ate was green salad, I looked like ET my head was so big. I thought if I could be skinnier, I could be more successful. "But that's silly because I was successful. I hated looking at myself and covered up the mirrors at home."

Slimming down to play an antidepressant-addicted college student in Prozac Nation brought back her horrific memories. She admits, "
I lost weight to the point where I couldn't buy clothes. The role really affected me because my character was having a nervous breakdown. "After a month I was a wreck. I wasn't eating, I couldn't sleep, my moods were up and down." (SVD/TG/PDD)

Source: WENN