Date: 19th January 2001

Blair Witch 3 To Hit Screens In 2002

BLAIR WITCH 3 is to hit cinema screens in 2002 - despite the flop of it's predecessor BOOK OF SHADOWS.

The company behind the cult movies, ARTISAN, has revealed the second sequel will focus on the early history of the Blair Witch legend in America's Maryland town of Burkittsville.

Blair Witch 3 was originally set for release this autumn (01), but Artisan are putting the breaks on after rushing Book Of Shadows to ensure it was ready for Halloween 2000 - the film took a paltry $26 million (17.33 million).

It's not yet known whether Blair Witch Project directors DANIEL MYRICK and EDUARDO SANCHEZ will return to helm the third movie, which was always the original plan. The movie-makers are currently working on the romantic comedy HEART OF LOVE, to be released later this year(01). (KW/WNWCPO)

Source: WENN