Date: 5th January 2001

Harrison Reconciles With Wife

HARRISON FORD is desperately trying to piece together his tattered marriage.

Hollywood's highest-paid star, who commands $27 million (18m) a film, has decided not to go ahead with a divorce after meeting estranged wife MELISSA MATHISON earlier this week (beg1JAN01).

The break-up could have cost the INDIANA JONES actor half his estimated $180 million (120m) fortune. Leading New York columnist CINDY ADAMS reports, "Two nights ago, they had a big man-to-man conversation. "He decided he wants to be a good husband and he wants to play house and let's make it all nice."

Yesterday (4JAN01) Harrison's spokesman refused to discuss the celebrity's private life. His 17-year marriage began to come apart last October (00), when the 58-year-old moved out of the Manhattan apartment he shares with his screenwriter spouse and two children, MALCOLM, 13, and GEORGIA, 10.

For four years the Tinseltown veteran, who has two children from a previous marriage, and his family have moved between a three- bedroom apartment overlooking Central Park, where the kids attend a nearby school, and their Wyoming ranch. (KW/WNTMA/PDD)

Source: WENN



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