Date: 11th December 2000

George Clooney Confesses Dirty Make-Up Secrets

Movie star GEORGE CLOONEY has no patience spending hours sitting in a make-up chair.

The ER star devised his own short-cut technique for creating the skanky look of an escaped convict in the upcoming COEN BROTHERS film, O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU? He describes the process, "I would just take dirt, Mississippi dirt and rub it on my face before we'd go and do the scene. Make-up chairs make me crazy and I don't really like him, plus you wanna just look dirty anyway, so it's perfect. You know I did it in THREE KINGS where I'd just pick up dust and rub it in my face and just go.

There's something really mechanical looking when someone comes over and gives you a little patch of dirt here and a match there. It sort of takes all the fun out of it. Now I get to roll around in the dirt and it's pretty fun not having to grow up so you don't want to have to spend time in the make-up chair."

The 39 year old star of THE PERFECT STORM couldn't escape showing his age in his beard, but thought of a clever make-uptechnique to remedy that as well. He says, "
I had a big whole patch of grey in my beard so I'd take a ball point pen, a BIC ball point pen and just fill it in!"(RXM/WN/PDD)

Source: WENN



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