Date: 22nd June 2001

Pig Cited In Clooney Break Up

LATEST: Lingerie model LISA SNOWDEN has FINALLY broken up with Hollywood hunk GEORGE CLOONEY - over his pet pig MAX.

She was furious over having to look after the pot-bellied pig whilst he was away on business meetings.

This is the second time a Clooney relationship has ended over his pet. French law student Celine Balitran left him in 1999 after a three year affair, finally giving up after she had issued a "max or me" ultimatum that saw him choose the pig.

The split comes only two weeks after British newspaper DAILY STAR reported that the 40-year-old THREE KINGS (1999) star had twice proposed marriage to her.

She has not been slow to get back on the dating wagon, becoming very close to pop singer DANE BOWERS, former member of ANOTHER LEVEL.

The relationship seemed to be heading this way. When they first got together, Max would be sent to a pig sanctuary to give the couple some private time - but lately he hasn't been bothered. (ACW/WNTST/PDD)

Source: WENN