Date: 5th December 2000

Catherine Zeta Jones Still Battling The Bulge

CATHERINE ZETA JONES is struggling to lose her excess baby weight - because she pigged out on burgers, butter and cheese.

The ENTRAPMENT actress has already lost a good deal of her extra bulk since having baby son DYLAN, but admits there's still a bit of extra flab she managed to hide under her wedding dress.

Speaking in next month's VANITY FAIR magazine (JAN01) she says, "I've still got a way to go, I ate for Wales when I was pregnant, and I enjoyed everything. I was like, 'Oh who gives a s***. I'll have another burger.' "Cut to 'Oh My God, my baby's out and nothing has changed! I'm still the same shape!' I'm a complete peasant.

Hot bread with lots of butter and cheese - that's what I'd eat for the rest of my life, but I can't eat it. "Lots of women look at me and think, 'You b**ch! It's all come off you! But I've been working at it.'" (SVD/VF/RGS)

Source: WENN