Date: 24th March 2003

Chicago Wins Six Oscars

A jubilant Catherine Zeta Jones fought off tough competition from Meryl Streep, Kathy Bates, Julianne Moore and co-star Queen Latifah to win the award for best supporting actress in her role as Velma Kelly in Chicago: The Musical (2002).

Roman Polanski's Pianist, The (2002) was the night's surprise winner, scooping the director an Oscar and Adrien Brody the award for best actor.

Nicole Kidman took the best actress award and like many others, used her acceptance speech to denounce the war in Iraq. Michael Moore used his best documentary award as a chance to voice his opinions saying, "We have a fictitious President, who was put in office with fictitious results and he's now conducting a war for fictitious reasons. This is absolutely insane. The lesson for the children of Columbine this week is that violence is an accepted means to resolve a conflict and it's a sad, sick and immoral lesson."

Meanwhile best supporting actor winner, Dennis Quaid, simply said, "I'd like to send out a prayer to the Iraqi people."

Full List of Winners

Best Animated Feature

Spirited Away (2002)

Best Visual Effects

Lord Of The Rings: 2 Towers (2002)

Best Supporting Actor

Chris Cooper

Best Art Direction

Chicago: The Musical (2002)

Best Animated Short Film

The ChubbChubbs

Best Live Action Short Film

This Charming Man

Best Costume Design

Chicago: The Musical (2002)

Best Make-up

Frida (2002)

Best Supporting Actress

Catherine Zeta Jones

Best Original Score

Frida (2002)

Best Foreign Language Film

Nowhere in Africa (2001)

Best Sound

Chicago: The Musical (2002)

Best Sound Editing

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Best Documentary Feature

Bowling for Columbine

Best Documentary Short Subject

Lord Of The Rings: 2 Towers (2002)

Best Cinematography

Road to Perdition, The (2001)

Best Film Editing

Chicago: The Musical (2002)

Best Actor

Adrien Brody

Best Original Song

Lose Yourself 8 Mile (2002)

Best Actress

Nicole Kidman

Best Adapted Screenplay

Pianist, The (2002)

Best Original Screenplay

Talk To Her

Best Director

Roman Polanski

Best Film

Chicago: The Musical (2002)

Source: Press Release