Date: 29th January 2001

Sir Sean Connery's Brush With Cops In Road Race

SIR SEAN CONNERY got into trouble with Beverly Hills cops when he tried to run a persistent autograph hunter off the road.

In a scene which could have been lifted right out of a JAMES BOND film, Connery was leaving MR CHOW'S restaurant in Los Angeles when he stumbled across autograph hounds waiting for him. The annoyed Scottish star ignored their requests and was driving away when he noticed a nervy fan following him in another vehicle. Connery quickly veered his car to the side and tried to run the guy off the road. He successfully scared the autograph seeker off, but Beverly Hills police saw the entire incident - and pulled Connery over.

Luckily for the ENTRAPMENT actor, the cops were satisfied with his explanation, letting him go with a warning. (LE/TS/MCM)

Source: WENN