Date: 4th September 2000

Kidman To Play Saucy Suffragette

Sexy actress NICOLE KIDMAN has signed up to star as scandalous American suffragette VICTORIA WOODHULL in a move which is worrying some feminists. The $75 million (50 million) movie will be directed by PAUL VERHOEVEN, best known for films such as BASIC INSTINCT and ROBOCOP.

Woodhull led a colourful life and in 1872 became the first woman to stand for the American presidency. But feminists are concerned that Verhoeven's film will stray from the serious aspects of her life and concentrate on the scandal. "I expect there will be sex and nudity," Verhoeven admits, "Woodhull was fleetingly a prostitute and was at the centre of the
biggest sexual-political scandal to grip America before BILL CLINTON. It can't really be avoided."

Source: WENN