Date: 30th August 2000

Michael Jackson Will Have Voice Coaching For Movie Debut

MICHAEL JACKSON is going to lock himself away with a top drama teacher for five months to prepare his voice for his role as EDGAR ALLAN POE.

The pop superstar has teamed up with his pal of over three decades GARY PUDNEY, and movie man JIM GREEN as executive producer of the flick - THE NIGHTMARE OF EDGAR ALLAN POE.

And Jackson has also written a new track entitled ANNABEL LEE for the film. Pudney says, "I have known Michael since he was 11 and he has always wanted to do this. He is such a perfectionist that he is an amazing guy to work with.

I was with Michael at NEVERLAND just the other day and he said to me, 'Gary, by the time I have finished training they won't even recognise me.'"

He adds, "
Michael is going to lock himself away on the West Coast of America with a top drama coach in February (01). It is a serious part and there is a lot of training to do with the voice.

"There is a part in the film just before his death where Poe's characters come back and haunts him and he is then buried alive.

Michael wants to do it justice and, if you look at THRILLER, you can see how much he has always loved horror.

The movie starts shooting this March (01) in Canada.


Source: WENN



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