Date: 17th October 2000

Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Gives Screenwriters The Green Light

Movie stars MATT DAMON and BEN AFFLECK have received over 2,500 screenplays for their website venture, - their project for aspiring movie writers.

The pair, who broke into Hollywood with their self-penned hit GOOD WILL HUNTING, will post a chosen thirty scripts to be viewed by studios and agents - with the winning script gets the green light for a million dollar budget, guaranteed distribution, and a behind-the-scenes TV documentary.

Damon sees the site as a shortcut to finding the stars of the future, saying, "Ben and I were lucky because we had agents as actors and had to read the screenplay that we wrote so they could pick up the phone and talk to us with a straight face. "Once it got passed down to the literary department in the same agency, suddenly we were represented as writers. Whereas a lot of our other friends who are writers don't have any way to get into the door."

But Damon and Affleck won't be appearing in the selected film - because the DOGMA stars would skyrocket the budget. He says, "
If Ben Affleck is suddenly in the movie then the movie isn't a million dollar budget anymore. We wanna make the best movie we can make, but we don't want to corrupt the process of making a one million dollar move because that's also what this is about."


Source: WENN



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