Date: 7th November 2000

Ben Affleck: Actors And Politics Don't Mix

Hollywood hunk BEN AFFLECK has strict political beliefs - but he won't use his stardom to further them.

The DOGMA star claims he has no intention of letting his actor status influence his politics - unlike other Hollywood stars. He explains, "The political work that I do and have done, I do it in the context of a citizen, a person. I don't think I should be given any special credence because I'm an actor.

Being an actor certainly doesn't make me any more of an expert than anyone else. I'm not gonna turn into SUSAN SARANDON where the whole thing becomes about my political beliefs! You know, I thought you were in a JULIA ROBERTS movie or something. I don't wanna be that guy." And Affleck insists he won't be taking advantage of the extra political access available to him by virtue of his job. He says, "I don't abuse that and I'm a little bit shy about it. I mean it's like you know I pick up the phone and say, `Gimme the President!' That is not my life, don't get me wrong. I'm just flattered that I got the opportunity to shake the guy's hand."(RXM/WN/NFA)

Source: WENN



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