Date: 30th January 2001

Herbie Rides Again

HERBIE - THE LOVE BUG is all set to ride again in a brand new movie - but this time he'll have a different face.

Disney is giving a new twist to the movie series featuring a living, breathing Volkswagen Beetle called Herbie. In a move that looks set to upset classic Beetle lovers, the movie will feature the new model "bug" instead. Disney chiefs have started negotiations with the car giant to bring the much loved love bug back to the big screen. Executives have also approached JIM CARREY with an eye to casting him in the lead role.

The original 1969 film, THE LOVE BUG, starred DEAN JONES and MICHELE LEE, and became an international hit, which spawned three sequels. A Disney insider says, " It's early days yet but obviously Jim Carrey is first on our wish list. "Everyone sees him as perfect for the Dean Jones' type role and perfect for a Disney movie." (JM/WN/PDD)

Source: WENN