Date: 24th March 2015

Jennifer Lawrence Confirms Apocalypse Is Her Last X-Men Film.

Jennifer Lawrence has confirmed that ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ will be her last film of the franchise.

The Academy Award winning actress previously portrayed Mystique in 2011’s ‘First Class’ and 2014’s ‘Days Of Future Past’, however she won’t be returning for any further mutant adventures after next summer’s ‘Apocalypse’.

Lawrence made the announcement while out promoting her upcoming turn in ‘Serena’, and after being quizzed by MTV about her future with the franchise she simply declared, "It is my last one, actually."

Lawrence didn’t add any further details about why she is exiting the series, but it makes perfect sense that she won’t be filming any further instalments as Mystique.

She was an integral character in both Matthew Vaughn’s 2011 blockbuster and Bryan Singer’s 2014 follow-up, which merged the ensemble casts of 2000’s ‘X-Men’ with ‘First Class’’, so ‘Apocalypse’ will be the perfect way to bring her arc to an end.

Source: Press Release