Date: 4th June 2014

Alien 5 'satisfying' for Weaver.

Sigourney Weaver has revealed she would like to make at least one more Alien film.

The 64-year-old, who played Ellen Ripley in all four films in the franchise, admitted the series feels unfinished, following the release of the fourth instalment Alien Resurrection in 1997.

Speaking at the Hero Complex festival, she said: "Had we done a fifth one, I don't doubt that her humanity would have prevailed. There's more story to tell."

"I feel there's a longing in certain groups of fans when I meet them for the story to be finished because we really left it up in the air and I feel a bit badly about that because I was part of that decision-making process."

"I didn't want to make four and five in a bundle. I think it's hard to make these films all in a big lump. You need time to sort of let things resonate so I can imagine a situation where we could at least finish telling her story."

There was a seven-year gap between Alien and the sequel Aliens, before Alien 3 was released in 1992. Alien Resurrection followed five years later.

Sigourney, who will reprise her role as Dr Grace Augustine in James Cameron's Avatar sequel and stars in Neil Blomkamp's Chappie alongside Sharlto Copley, said there are "very few filmmakers that I can think of that I would want to entrust this to."

Ridley Scott directed the first film, before James Cameron took on the second instalment. David Fincher sat in the director's chair for the third movie, followed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet for the fourth film.

"I certainly know young filmmakers who are interested in doing it," she teased.

"I haven't done anything about it, but it could happen, and I think that would be very satisfying, at least to me..."

Source: Press Release