Date: 9th September 2001

Sigourney's Height Horrors

Actress SIGOURNEY WEAVER was so abnormally tall as a child she wound up on a psychiatrist's couch in a desperate bid to cope. Sigourney's withdrawal worried her parents DESIREE and PAT, and at almost 6-foot-tall the pre-teen recalls feeling like a freak.

She says, "I was horribly shy. I basically tried to hide for a few years until I caught up with my height. My parents sent me to a therapist because they decided they couldn't communicate with me. I felt very spidery, I tried basketball and I was a disaster.

I'd go flying down the court and I would stumble. I was very awkward, terribly self-conscious and gangly. It took me a while but I now know when I enter a room, I have to enter a room, and not sneak in. "

Source: WENN