Date: 25th July 2001

Sneak Peek At 'Indecent' Film's Cast

A shocking film about Hollywood's indiscretions is one step closer to being made - after JAMES GANDOLFINI, SIGOURNEY WEAVER and MELANIE GRIFFITHs threw their star power behind it.

On Sunday (21JUL01) in Manhattan, a script reading took place of INDECENT EXPOSURE, the DAVID McLINTOCK book about the late DAVID BEGELMAN, an agent-producer who fleeced studios and clients of a fortune. SOPRANOS star Gandolfini gave a stunning performance as Begelman - one viewer comments,

"It was almost type-casting. All Jim has to do to play a Hollywood crook is to swap the leather jacket for an ARMANI suit. "

At the reading, JAMES WOODS played New York financier ALAN HIRSCHFIELD, aliens (1986) star Sigourney flew in from Texas to read the part of SANDI BENNETT, Melanie Griffiths was secretary CONNIE DANIELSON and STANLEY TUCCI played Wall Street legend HERB ALLEN.

JULIANNA MARGULIES, STEVE BUSCEMI and GIOVANNI RIBISI also played parts in the reading. The producers have owned the rights to the book for 14 years, but the film, which would portray Hollywood in a bad light, has still not been made. (NFA/WNWCPS)

Source: WENN