Date: 28th May 2014

Three Premiere Challenge For Cruise And Blunt.

Tom Cruise jetted between London, Paris and New York in just one day to promote his latest blockbuster movie.

London was the first stop for the jet set actor, who took to his first red carpet of the day shortly after 7am.

Fans had gathered outside the BFI Imax in the pouring rain since the early hours of the morning to catch a glimpse of the stars of Cruise's latest film Edge of Tomorrow (2014).

The actor is attending all three premieres alongside co-star Emily Blunt and director Doug Liman.

Despite looking the part in a sharp black suit and tie, the action star wasn't entirely unfazed by the long day ahead.

Speaking to Sky News he didn't seem clear on exactly where the first premiere was taking place.

"We're going to London," Cruise said, only to correct himself with a smile: "We are in London."

The Edge Of Tomorrow team will next fly off to France and then the United States.

The science-fiction film stars Cruise and Blunt as soldiers fighting off an alien attack only to be killed, then forced to re-live the battle over and over again until they finally come closer to defeating their enemies.

Cruise has recently been working on the next film in the Mission: Impossible series.

However he told Sky News he could still return to possibly his most popular role of cocky fighter pilot Maverick in a sequel of 80s hit Top Gun (1986).

"With movies, they each have their time - when it's ready to be made. If we can get over some stumbling blocks it will be fun to do," he said earlier this year.

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