Date: 19th August 2013

Christopher Nolan recommends Wes Bentley for new Batman.

Christopher Nolan has recommended Wes Bentley to Zack Snyder to play Batman in upcoming 'Man Of Steel' sequel, which will pit Bruce Wayne against Clark Kent.

Nolan is currently working closely with the 'American Beauty' actor on his upcoming sci-fi epic, 'Interstellar,' however he isn't the only thespian in contention for the role.

CosmicBookNews's DC Entertainment source believes Jake Gyllenhaal, Luke Evans and Ben Affleck will all be called in for screen tests alongside Henry Cavill, who played Superman in this summer's Man of Steel (2013).

The source also stated that Tyler Hoechlin, who starred in MTV's Teen Wolf, won't be approached for the role, as producers feel that he is way too young.

Despite Nolan's preference for Bentley, David Goyer is believed to be more of a fan of Gyllenhaal, as he was actually the writer's preferred choice for Bruce Wayne in 'Batman Begins.'

Luke Evans is regarded as an outsider for the part, however his stock continues to rise thanks to his performances in 'The Hobbit,' 'Clash of the Titans' and 'Fast and Furious 6,' whilst it is believed that Affleck will actually rebuff the chance to audition as he wants to focus on his stellar directing career.

The casting rumours regarding Lex Luthor continue to swirl too, and both Mark Strong and Bryan Cranston are believed to be the front-runners for the villain, who is believed to be the foe in the follow-up.

Source: Press Release