Date: 10th February 2006

Colin: I love Angelina dearly

Colin Farrell has denied he ever had a romance with Angelina Jolie but says he loves her dearly.

Rumours started when the pair worked on the movie Alexander.

Speaking to OK! magazine he said: "Nothing happened between me and Angelina - unfortunately.

Oh God, she's just dreamy! She's such a professional, and we really hit it off. She has this crazy side, which I love. I just feel lucky to have worked with her - I'm sure many men would have wanted to be in my shoes."

He added: "
She's amazing and I love her dearly. We became close friends and, I know it sounds cheesy but when I met her, she seemed very familiar.

"It felt like I had met her already. There just seemed to be a connection there."

Angelina is expecting her first child with Brad Pitt.

Source: Press Release



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