Date: 2nd December 2004

Lawyers drop legal action over Alexander

Greek lawyers have shelved their case against the makers of epic film Alexander, who have claimed he was bisexual.

The group had claimed the film was "pure fiction and not a true depiction of Alexander's life", and wanted this made clear to cinema-goers.

But the lawyers have withrawn their demand to have the film's opening on Friday delayed, so they can watch a preview screening of it.

The lawyers have already requested that a credit is added to the start of the film to make it clear it is pure fiction.

Warner Bros and Stone have not made any direct comment about the request reports BBC online.

The lawyers' leader, Yiannis Varnakos, denied homophobia was the motive behind their action.

"We would have reacted the same was if the issue didn't involve homosexuality. We just don't want a distortion of historical facts."

The film opened in the US last week, taking 11.4m over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. It will be released in the UK on 7 January.

Source: Press Release



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