Date: 23rd March 2005

Brad: Don't punk George

Brad Pitt has warned Ashton Kutcher against playing a practical joke on George Clooney.

Pitt interviewed Kutcher for America's Interview magazine, and took the opportunity to advise him not to go after his Ocean's Eleven co-star for MTV prank show Punk'd reports

Brad said: "I remember two years ago you were after Clooney. I would tell you as your friend: 'Don't do it. Don't ever go near it. He'll kill you and everything you love.' I know it's tempting, but don't do it."

Pitt was on the receiving end of one of Clooney's top pranks as payback for convincing crew members on the set of Ocean's Twelve that Clooney insists on staying in character and wanted to be called Danny Ocean throughout filming.

In revenge, Clooney attached a sticker to Brad's car suggesting he was lacking in manhood.

Source: Press Release



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