Date: 24th November 2004

Jude not keen on sex scenes

Jude Law says he hardly ever finds filming sex scenes sexy.

"Take the timing," he explained to Celebrity magazine. "When we were filming Alfie, I once had to do an erotic scene at seven in the morning.

Everyone was standing around me drinking coffee - I never felt so un-sexy in my entire life.

"The situation was like: "Good morning, pleased to meet you, now we kiss"."

Jude, who met his current girl friend Sienna Miller while filming Alfie, says he looks for two things in a woman.

"My mother Maggie and my elder sister Natasha are incredibly independent persons. Things like that influence you," he said.

"But what I also like about women - even if it makes me sound like a macho - is being good at cooking. It's my mother's fault, she's a divine cook."

Source: Press Release