Date: 28th September 2000

Dish Network To Offer Pay-Per-View HDTV Movies

EchoStar Communications, which operates the DISH home satellite network, said that it will begin offering pay-per-view movies in the high-definition format beginning Saturday, September the 30th.

The first film, MGM's The World Is Not Enough can be viewed for $5.99. Special HDTV receivers and TV sets are required. The company has scheduled two other films in the high-definition format for the pay-per-view channel, MGM's Supernova on October the 14th and Artisan's The Ninth Gate on October the 24th.

Meanwhile, CBS said Wednesday that, with the exception of Walker, Texas Ranger, all of its primetime entertainment programs will be broadcast in HDTV during the current season.

Source: Studio Briefing