Date: 8th April 2003

Bollywood actress offered lead role in Bond movie

Top Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai has been offered a lead role opposite Pierce Brosnan in a new James Bond movie.

She is however yet to give her nod to the assignment.

Ms Rai's secretary Hari Singh confirmed that the former Ms World had been approached by a London-based International coordinating agency on behalf of the studio producing Bond movies.

He told The Pioneer newspaper: "It is too premature to comment, but the agency guys are in town and they did mention that they were keen on discussing Aishwarya for a Bond film"

The secretary added that talks with the former Miss World had been postponed due to an injury to her foot but said she was very "excited" about the offer.

The actress is presently recuperating in a Bombay hospital following a freak accident during a film shoot in which she sustained a hairline fracture to her foot.

She has been advised rest and could be out of action from anything between a month to six weeks.

It is reported the actress is slated to perform in two Hollywood projects -- Gurinder Chadha's Pride and Prejudice and Invaders, directed by Roland Joffe.

Source: Press Release



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