Date: 9th September 2002

Steven Seagal In Trouble With The Mafia

Two journalists who reported extortion threats made to Steven Seagal by the Mafia have been on the receiving end of some nasty threats.

Ned Zeman of Vanity Fair magazine and Anita Busch of the Los Angeles Times are the victims. Reports say that first Busch returned to her car to see her windscreen had been smashed and a dead fish and a rose left on it. Also a note had been placed on the drivers window with the word "Stop" written on it.

Then a couple of months later another reporter, Zeman, had a gun pointed at him whilst in his car and was ordered to "Stop".

A former business partner of Seagal called Julius Nasso has already been charged with conspiring with the Mob to extort money from Patriot, The (2000) star. His attorney, Martin R. Pollner, said of Seagal's position, "He does not travel alone, let's put it that way."

Source: Press Release