Date: 25th September 2001

Schwarzenegger Speaks Out About Terrorist Attacks

ARNOLD Schwarzenegger has spoken against cinema goers copying the violent acts they see in the light of the attacks on New York. The star of the postponed action flick COLLATERAL DAMAGE (2001) gave a history lesson about action movies and their audiences last Thursday (20SEP01).

Terminator, The (1984) said, "For the last, you know, 50 years, action movies have been in, and if they are well-made people will go in to see it. " ARNIE went on to say, "I mean, I don't think that if there's any indication that this terrorist attack happened because of some of the terrorist movies that were made, then that's one thing, but that's definitely not the case. " (JLM/WNWCHL/ES)

Source: WENN